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dogsbybike is a personal photography project capturing the wonderful people who ride bikes with their dogs. The outcome is a series of photographs shared online (instagram, twitter, tiktok) alongside short biographies of the subjects in an effort to showcase how versatile bikes can be, the diverse range of people who ride them, and how much dogs love cycling too, all while spreading some wholesome positivity on social media. I would like to help encourage and normalise cycling in favour of less sustainable transport choices, contributing to a greener carbon footprint of dog ownership and more people-friendly streets. For me, I would like to gain experience and develop my skills in my new profession as a freelance photographer, and meet lots of dogs.

Have your own cycling dog? Please use the button below to arrange a little photoshoot. There is no cost: it's an informal, no-pressure shoot and I'd encourage anyone to be involved.


For those outside of London and beyond, send me an email and I'll add you to a list, I would love to capture dogs further afield too but will have to make it coincide with other reasons I'm travelling - I'll be in touch if I'm ever local! 


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