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dogsbybike shoot

a relaxed photoshoot of you and your cycling canine family (free)

  • 1 hour
  • London (for outer London and beyond, please email)

Service Description

I am a newly professional sports/cycling photographer and @dogsbybike is a personal, non-commercial side project of mine combining my love of dogs and bikes. I am using this as an opportunity to progress my own skills, but also encourage and normalise cycling in favour of less sustainable transport and therefore lessen the carbon footprint of dog ownership. The series will feature individuals who cycle with their dogs, accompanying photos with brief biographies and/or relevant information to their cycling. Ultimately, I'm aiming to show off how versatile bikes can be, the diverse range of people who ride them, and how much dogs love cycling too, all while spreading some wholesome positivity on social media. You therefore do not need to be any particular type of person, look any particular way or ride any particular bike to be involved. The shots I aim for are: yourself + dog(s) cycling (in motion); yourself + dog(s) cycling (stationary portrait); and close-up of the dog(s) in their bicycle setup. I don't need you to be confident in front of a camera, this will be a super relaxed, informal shoot and I'm happy to work with anyone. I am happy to shoot in all weather and any time of day, although if for example your dog hates the rain let me know in the booking form and I'll keep that in mind for the shoot to go ahead.  I will send you the final full res jpegs optimally sized for social media as well as any other stand out shots. Prints are available for a fee. This is a request to book, I am unable to keep on top of inputting my actual work schedule here so I will confirm it if I'm available and will send a follow up email confirming any details before the shoot. If I'm unavailable I will reply with some other options :-) As this is not a commercial venture I'd appreciate a little flexibility from both sides and to please let me know if you need to cancel, ideally by the day before. 

Contact Details

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