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women's race calendar

aiming to get this organised again for the 2022 season :-) 

women's races for london & surrounds:

road crits on london circuits & town centre crits further afield - google calendar link

road races near london & nearby counties - google calendar link

track races at herne hill velodrome or lee valley velopark - google calendar link

fixed crits in and around london - google calendar link

cyclocross races in and around london - google calendar link

time trials - google calendar link

other crit series that are worth a mention but have been left out to avoid overcrowding:

  • abingdon race team host weekly summer crits on wednesdays at abingdon airfield (oxfordshire) and have always reliably included separate women's races. definitely support these if you're more local

  • wednesday night track league runs weekly at herne hill velodrome during the summer and races are categorised based on ability with three races for each A, B and C cat. there are not separate women's races however women are encouraged to participate and both the B and C categories usually see a good handful of women who are competitive and often win

  • the miche west thames league do weekly mens crits at hillingdon cycle circuit on tuesdays that some women choose to enter. their event info states: "women are welcome to enter however there will not be a separate race for them, but if there is sufficient numbers there will be prizes for them both weekly and at the end of the series". personally i'd choose to support organisers being more proactively inclusive but if you're nearby or desperate..

events should contain links or more information where available.

unsure about what to race, have an event you want adding to the calendar, noticed I've missed anything or made a mistake? send me a message @honorelliott or email

I don't personally race time trials so am mostly reliant on people reaching out for these to be included - if anyone keeps on top of TTs I'd welcome the collaboration!

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